Insurance for instagram business accounts.

In the event of a hack, we compensate Instagram businesses.
Now you finally have a choice: You can lose everything to a hack, or you can protect everything with pi.

PI has you covered.

  • Get an instant quote

    You`re insured in just a few clicks. We provide simple self-service from onboarding to claiming.

  • A real-time alert system

    In the event that your account has been hacked, we will notify you and assist you before you know it.

  • Payouts are immediate

    A daily payment will be made based on your coverage each day your account is hacked.

  • We provide retrieval services

    Our team of experts works around the clock to retrieve your instagram business account.

Your account has been hacked. What`s next?

We work not only to pay you, but also to retrieve your account once it has been paid out.

  • 1
    Pi will notify you immediately
  • 2
    Your business is back on track
  • 3
    You will receive daily payments
  • 4
    Your business account will be retrieved